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The way that Things Remembered pays me is through this debit card type of deal, and you can do an online transfer to another bank. And of course, I can't find my freaking check book to find the routing number anywhere.

And of course my mom and robin insist on giving me five thousand pieces of advice "Do this blah blah blah you have to get the routing number from the bank you set up the account with, transfer your account from the branch at IUP to the one here in town, order some new checks" Just keep shooting out unhelpful suggestions, maybe I'll be able to decode them and get the routing number from there.

And I really don't feel like dicking around on the phone for an hour, so I try PNC's website to find out the routing number. To log in on PNC's website, I need a user ID. Well, my mom set up my PNC user ID like six years ago, and made it something retarded that I would NEVER remember, and she- despite all her absurd amount of book keeping- didn't write it down anywhere, and now insists that she was never able to set it up even. And I KNOW that it was set up years ago, and that I'd since forgotten it because of how forgettable it was. So I click the "Forgot your user ID?" on the website. And it just tells me to call the same number that mom is barking at me to call.

So I call them, and after listing seven thousand options, it finally is like "Please enter your user ID number."


And it's telling me that there's at least an hour wait to talk to a customer service representative because there's a high volume of calls. Probably because people spent their life savings on black friday aand want to know how to fix it.

I wouldn't be so upset at the phone/internet combination if it wasn't for the fact that mom and robin are jabbering back and forth about any and everything, managing to just piss me off even more. Ugh.

Whatever I'll just try back later


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Nov. 27th, 2009 10:51 pm (UTC)
Heeee... I know the pain a bit. I can no longer check my balance by phone because when National City merged with PNC, apparently my checking account number isn't correct even though I'm entering it from my check book. I should call about that eventually.

I would just say keep on the phone with PNC. Have your social ready, and stuff like that.:)

And I know it's annoying when someone with more experience than you is giving advice that isn't necessarily clear or right all the time, but I really do think they have your best interests at heart and love you.:D
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