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Not really new years resolutions, just crap that I've been meaning to do, and I happen to be making a list of said crap pretty close to the beginning of the year.

  • I am going to make an honest attempt at exercising. No job + winter = me sitting on my ass all day. So, like, sit ups and stretches, and once the bike is moved back to its original spot where the Christmas tree currently is, I'll work in the bike too.

  • WoW dungeon daily. Yes, there are some days that I am too lazy to even do something in World of Warcraft. I need those frost badges, so queue up for a random dungeon. The wait for one is like 10 minutes tops, and the actual dungeon is 30 minutes usually. And hey, I can do some of my exercises while waiting for the queue to pop.

  • Reading and Writing. My brain is melting out of my ears, I can feel it. I really feel like my mental capacity has gone to shit since about my second year of college. I think the easiest way for me to keep myself feeling a bit more smart-ish is to do more reading and writing. Especially writing. I mean... christ, I need to finish something. I've got a story that has been around in some form or another for over ten years. TEN YEARS OH MY GOD I'M GETTING OLD

    (note to self: while looking on the internets for books, don't go to bookchan. it's where you got that annoying fake virus scan scam thing that pretty much makes your computer non-functional. Easy fix, but frustrating to go through.)