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May. 14th, 2010

I woke up early to call about setting up this job interview for later today—

Okay, let’s start with my FIRST annoyance. I woke up early for no reason. I had to wake up at 9 to call about the job, but for some reason I just woke myself up at 8. Tried to sleep for another hour.

But no, the phone- which I don’t normally keep in my room, but I did today because I was waiting for Koji to call last night, and fell asleep before he did- was still in my room, and someone called.

Really? Who calls us anyway? Who calls us at 8:20 in the morning?

Take the phone downstairs, try to go back to sleep.

Another thirty minutes (but it feels like five), and my mom is yelling up to me, asking if I’m going to call about that job. I don’t get why everyone in this house assumes that I’m incapable of waking up on my own. I sleep half of the day away because I have nothing to wake up for. When there’s actually something for me to wake up early for, I can do it on my own. And while I do appreciate the concern of attempting to help me out by waking me up, it’s kind of frustrating having someone yelling at you to get up five minutes before your alarm is going to do the same thing.

So I finally get up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and call. I get the secretary: “Oh, no I’m sorry, he’s busy right now.”

UGHHHH. “Well can you tell him I called.”

Now, I was told to call between 9 and 10. So I called at like, 9:15. Was that too late? Did I spend too much time brushing my teeth and hair and stuff? So I figure he might be finished with whatever in about ten, twenty minutes and be able to call me back.

9:50 rolls around. No call. WHATEVER I’LL CALL AGAIN. “Oh, no I’m sorry, he just stepped out. I can have him call you back tomorrow.”

So now I don’t have that interview today. And my grandfather, who set me up with this interview, is going to think that I’m still slacking off… since he can’t understand the concept that there just aren’t any jobs around here, and thinks that my lack of employment is due to me not trying.

Who the fuck is only in their office one hour a week anyway.